Frequently Asked Auto Detailing Questions

Here you will find some of the most commonly asked questions about the high-end auto detailing industry. If you do not see your question here please feel free to message us through our contact page explaining in full detail your question.


What is auto detailing?

Auto Detailing is the process of cleaning your vehicle meticulously in and out. From vacuum to polishing, detailing does it all.

Why is detailing a necessity?

Your car accumulates numerous particles that can harm the finish. Pollutants, mud, salt, dirt, sand, bugs, tar, rain, sun, etc. are extremely harmful to the paint. Detailing leaves microscopic layers of fine wax particles that provide a deep shine and forming a clear chemical bond that protects the paint and its original clear coat. Detailing guarantees longevity to the paint and retains the value of the vehicle. Professional detailing is not just a luxury, it is an investment that has become a necessity!

What is the difference between detailing and washing?

Washing removes loose contaminants, dirt and grime. Detailing removes blemishes, oxidation and etching marks that are caused when contaminants penetrate the surface. Rub your hand across an upper surface. If it is rough, you need to detail your car. It prevents the paint and its clear coat from deteriorating. Retain the value of your car; have it detailed by one of our technicians this week.

Do you shampoo carpets?

Yes. First of all, we spot treat the carpets and then we steam extract everything else out.

Can you take out fruit punch stains?

No. We cannot completely remove the fruit punch stains from carpets or seats. However, we may be able to reduce the sight of the spot, you must come in to get an estimate for this type or any other hard to remove stains.

Do you take water spots of from the paint?

Yes. Our Paint Correction Package takes minor water spots off of the paint, whereas our Showroom removes most. We can say we would be able to remove a minimum of 80% of water spots from the paint. Most applications can be taken off, but in a few cases, we couldn’t take them off because they have embedded themselves in the paint. For a better idea, we will have to see the car in person to give you an answer if we can remove all of the water spots.

Can you take water spots off of windows?

Yes. Our Full Detail Package takes care of that, its also available a la carte. However, in a few cases, we were not able to remove all of the water spots. To get a better idea, we will have to see your car in person to make a determination.

Do you handle black cars?

Yes. We specialize in black cars and dark color paints. We handle all of the dark color paints with extra special care to ensure the darkest finish possible.

Are you capable of cleaning and conditioning leather?

Yes. We can clean and/or condition leather seats to bring back moisture and softness to the best of our capabilities.