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* Available appointments will only be held for 1 (one) hour from the time offered.  Beyond that, no openings in a schedule will be held until an appointment is explicitly set.

* Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will require a minimum $50 non-refundable deposit to reschedule.

* Deposits may be required for jobs requiring multiple days or specialized products.

* Please allow time for inspecting and documenting the vehicle when dropping off for service.

* Estimates are an educated guess of the time and materials to complete a job.  Every vehicle and customer presents different challenges.  Vehicles scheduled and estimated via phone or vehicles in significantly worse condition than at prior assessment will have a $100 minimum charge.  Failure to mention pet hair, spills, odors, biological excrements, etc. may result in a significant increase to actual price.

* Adjustments to the plan may be necessary during a detail due to a variety of possible conditions.  These conditions may not become evident until a significant amount of work has been done.  When additional time/cost may be necessary we will do our best to communicate with the customer and find a mutually agreeable resolution.

* We reserve the right to omit certain services if it is determined to be in the best interest of the vehicle/customer.  We will do our best to communicate the need for such changes as early as possible and pricing will be adjusted accordingly.

* Some vehicles are not candidates for some services.  Ie: maintenance services designed to keep a vehicle up to a certain level will not be performed on a neglected vehicle.

* It is unrealistic for us to inspect every mechanical and electrical function of a vehicle before starting work.  Liability for mechanical or electrical issues shall be limited to how they pertain to detailing.

* Any claims of damage, functional or cosmetic, must be brought to our attention prior to being repaired by another party.  In the event of any cosmetic issues that are thought to be a result of the detail performed customer agrees to allow Nth Degree to inspect and/or attempt to make it right before seeking help from another party.

* We confidently guarantee the quality of our work.  Because we cannot control what a vehicle is subjected to after it leaves we cannot guarantee how long a detail will last.

* Perfection is a unicorn; a mythical creature that can never be captured.  We strive for perfection knowing we will fall short and have to settle for excellence.

* The closer to perfect a vehicle gets the more any remaining flaws are highlighted.  We refer to this as “The Waldo Effect”.

* Storage of a vehicle beyond the agreed upon pick up date will incur a $25/day storage fee.  (Exceptions may be made for weather when communicated.)  We cannot guarantee indoor storage for unplanned storage of a vehicle.

* Pick-up & delivery services and coordinating schedules and services with other related providers will result in related charges.

* $25 fee for bounced checks.  Immediate payment must be made via alternate method.

* Vehicles requiring deep cleaning of carpets and upholstery will not be released until completely dry.  If this is not acceptable for your schedule please let us know before work is commenced.

* Payment due in full at time of pick-up unless prior arrangements have been agreed to.

* Child safety seats will not be installed for liability reasons.

* Please remove personal belongings.  Items that normally remain in the vehicle will be set aside for cleaning and replaced.  Additional fees may apply for excessive clutter.

* Personal compartments such as center consoles and glove compartments may be left undisturbed if excessively cluttered.  At customer’s request items will be removed and place in a bag for the customer to sort through at a later time.

* Biological hazards including but not limited to blood, urine, feces and vomit MUST be disclosed prior to work being started.  Significant additional charges do apply when dealing with biological contamination. Attempting to sneak it past the initial inspection to avoid additional fees may result in an even higher price if work has already begun.

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