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MY Story

At a young age I discovered I had the attention for minute details and immense patience for tedious and meticulous projects.  Growing up around cars with a mechanic for a dad and a grandfather who restored old Thunderbirds and Studebakers I was always drawn by the beauty more than the mechanical aspect.

By the age of 10 I was building plastic scale models with attention to detail to every nut, bolt and hand painted gauge clusters. As I grew so did the cars and the passion.


Why Nth Degree

Detailing is a science that very few turn into an artform. With thousands of hours of experience and endless research I have the knowledge and skill to make your car look its best while preserving and protecting it for the long haul. Equally important is the understanding of the limitations of the materials and where the tipping point lies between risk and reward.

Respected by fellow detailers across the country with a reputation for quality, knowledge and professionalism.

Whether your daily driver needs cleaning and protection or you want your beloved garage queen to turn heads you can trust the job will be performed to the Nth degree.